A Deeper Look at the Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check Fix

The Data error cyclic redundancy check fix is needed for an error message that shows up on the computer screen each time that your laptop or desktop PC reads any corrupt data. Simply known as CRC, this basically detects errors in a file that is read by the PC. The error message often occurs when the PC tries to read data from a storage media that has damage like a hard drive, DVD or CD.

When the data is being transmitted to the PC, cyclic redundancy check makes certain that those data with many errors do not reach the commanded destination. This is the very reason why a corrupted DVD or CD doesn’t get copied onto the computer. Keep in mind that data management is a vital part of maintaining the system.

Primary Causes of Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

A lot of times, the accumulation of dirt on a DVD or CD can cause CRC error. The simplest solution is often to clean the storage media with a soft cloth. Having scratches on the CD or putting paper labels on the disc can also cause problems. Labels and scratches don’t allow discs to burn properly.

Partially-burnt CDs are a primary cause for this kind of error. There are software applications that can be utilized in extracting information or vital data from any damaged discs. These are the tools that can recover data such as digital images that have been lost in corrupted DVDs or CDs.

The use of any removable media in order to share apps and files might also give you the cyclic redundancy error message. This means that there could be a problem of some sort with the disk itself.

Hardware Concerns

If the CRC error is continuously shown even after running cleaned discs, then it is possible that the problem lies in the hardware. There is a need to check the CD or DVD drives and to clean them from time to time with the use of a lens cleaner disc.

Check if these devices are still functioning. The replacement of the DVD or CD reader with a new one might resolve the issue. There are times that connections of CD and DVD drives are lost which could interfere with the function of these devices.

CRC can also appear due to many other reasons:

  • System crashes
  • Incomplete download
  • Software with a lot of bugs

Under these circumstances, the system may show messages such as – An invalid Windows file or an invalid win32 application. But when you dig deeper, you will find out that it is actually a cyclic redundancy error.

Repairing CRC

Files that aren’t downloaded properly from the Web or interrupted file transfers can lead to CRC error. So prior to opening the file, see if it’s been downloaded completely. A download manager app can keep track of the downloading process and then informs you when it has been completed.

If in case you’re copying files from your hard drive, you can run a scan disk program in order to find errors that are related to the hard drive. Any defective connection between the hard drive and the computer can cause CRC to appear. In fixing this kind of error that is related to networking, there is a need to verify the connections in order to decode the issue.

All in all, fixing CRC begins with the definition of the underlying cause. This is a good way to get rid of the error message.

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