How To Fix The Error 1068 – For Those Who Are Effected By This Error

The messages about error 1068 can get to be a disappointing thing for a lot of PC users. But there are a lot of ways to repair and also to prevent this issue from occurring. If you think that asking for professional help is the only way out, well, give it some time first. You will learn how to do away with this error in no time at all.

When Does the Error 1068 Occur?

If you are using Windows XP and you would want to run the Internet Connection Sharing Wizard, you could get the error 1068 message. This error message will tell you that an error has occurred in the process of enabling the program, then the group or service hasn’t started.

When this happens, you will see the following message on your computer screen – 1068: dependency service or group failed to start. This is often caused as one of the dependent services wouldn’t load into your system in the right manner. This might confuse some users because they might not know how to fix such a kind of error.

Stopping the Error 1068 Message Once and for All

The prevention of error 1068 doesn’t require an extensive knowledge in computer and computer operation. In other words, you don’t have to have a vast programming experience in order to solve this kind of concern.

There is a simple way to resolve this PC problem. In order to stop error 1068 from occurring, you must take the essential steps in ensuring that the vital dependent services are loaded onto the computer system and that they are functioning correctly.

You may try to follow these guidelines:

Open the Start menu and then click on Help and Support. Proceed to the Pick a Task option and then click on Use Tools. This should allow you to view information regarding your computer system and even diagnose some problems.

Select the System Configuration Utility option in your computer’s Tools section. Click the option that will open this menu on the right popup pane.

One other way to get rid of the error 1068 is to go to the Start menu>Choose the Run option> Type msconfig and then press Enter. This should open the System Configuration Utility dialog box.
As soon as you have accessed the dialog box on the System Configuration Utility option, just click the Services tab in order to open it up. In order to erase messages such as the error 1068, you should check that all the relevant and needed services are ticked or selected on this area.

Make sure that you select Network Connections, Telephony, Plug and Play, Application Layer Gateway Service, Auto Connection Manager and Remote Procedure Call. If these aren’t selected, then you are likely to get the 1068 errors.

As soon as you have these services clicked, then you can simply click on Okay and a prompt will appear asking you to reboot your computer. Just click on Okay once more and your computer should restart. This should get rid of any 1068 errors that kept on appearing.

It’s also vital to check on the registry of your PC. In layman’s terms, this is the place where information and settings are stored for any Windows system. The sad news is, the registry is also one of the primary causes of PC errors.

Getting the 1068 error is a result for saving a huge number of registry files. In order to fix this, it is important to find a registry cleaner that can make your computer run faster once more.

If you want a deeper kind of cleaning for your computer system, then you can always rely on the number one registry cleaner on the Web.

If numerous 1068 errors have been bugging you for the longest time, then a registry cleaner should solve this issue for you. You will absolutely have a much faster and better-performing PC in no time. Not only do you get to eradicate the 1068 error, but you also get to remove all other errors and PC concerns – so this is a great investment for any PC user!

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