Error 1706 No Valid Source: What to Do When You Encounter It

There are certain instances when users would turn on their laptops or desktop computers and end up seeing the Error 1706 No Valid Source display. This error does not seem to occur only on boot ups, it seems that it can also appear when you’re trying to access the Outlook Express. In reality, you can be able to see this error in just about any attempt to open a system program.

What This Error is All About

The Error 1706 is an error message that is often received in a 1706 situation, meaning, the valid source is anything that the OS or operating system isn’t able to find once the user tries to access it. Now you might wonder why this would happen to your PC when it actually worked well the very last time that you opened it.
In fact, you might begin to search for reasons why this error occurred when you did not even do anything different to your computer. So what’s up with this kind of error?
The 1706 error may occur when the computer has a Windows NT 4.0 or Windows 2000 program installed. It can also happen when you try to use a feature that isn’t in your system yet but is supposed to be there on your very first use.
The Error 1706 can also happen when you would want to setup an OS and the incorrect CD is in your PC’s DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive. For instance, you are running a Microsoft Office 2000 CD1 setup and the CD2 is in the drive.

Understanding the wupdmgr.exe

There are other PC users who testify that the mysterious 1706 seems to appear when one of Microsoft’s automatic updates run. These updates make use of the program wupdmgr.exe. This can approximately correct the issue a lot of times because a damaged update manager will cause faulty updates. Finding a new one may just do the job correctly.
There are some old school computer geeks who can disable update manager and then manually restore the missing registry files that the old one made. Then, they would be able to handle the updates that come up.
Though you may be a techie, it is still risky to manually do anything on your computer, doing so might lead to the deletion of important folders or files and you might end up crying over unrecoverable program files.

Where is the Outlook Express?

Say that the valid source that your OS isn’t able to find is the Outlook Express. Now you may wonder why this would disappear! Sometimes, the network could be the missing source. In this case, you ask yourself, where could the network have gone to?

Sure, the computer network could be down at the moment but the operating system should be able to tell you that your network is down.

When the OS isn’t able to find a file or a folder, this happens because the registry gets corrupted. Now the registry is the destination database for programs and files.

Taking Care of the 1706 Error

A way to take care of the Error 1706 is to close the error message and then leave the installation CD in your PC’s DVD-ROM or CD-ROM drive. Start the setup by trying to utilize the Install on First Use option. Or you can simply run the program and setup from the Add/Remove Programs icon. This icon can be found on the Control Panel section.

Another way to resolve the Error 1706 or any other situation that displays an error message is to find a reputable registry cleaner online. This should take care of the problem as you wait for it to clean your system.

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