Unexpected Error Ox8ffe2740 Occurred – Learning the Workaround for This PC Problem

The Ox8ffe2740 error is just a single concern among the heaps of problems that come with the use of a PC. If you’re one of those who have already spent a fortune in diagnosing and fixing PC problems, then you’re not alone.

Over the years, those who have worked with computers are bound to notice that there are similar problems that can occur to each of their devices. So instead of paying a computer technician’s exorbitant fees, why don’t you try to fix the problem or concerns by yourself!

The DIY approach may not be an easy one but you are sure to save hundreds of dollars just by finding the solution on your own.

Here are some of the top problems that you might encounter on your PC aside from the Ox8ffe2740 error.

There is spyware or adware on your system. You would be pretty certain that you have these when you see popups on your screen.

Spyware can sometimes mimic a virus so it’s best to check if you really have a virus problem prior to removing the supposed virus.

A slow-running computer which is often caused by spyware, or having too many processes running on the computer background. Sometimes, having a low memory capacity is all this is.

Your computer starts to have strange noises and vibrations

The screen suddenly turns blue and you find out that you no longer have any control on the system.

The computer fails to start or restart.

The computer restarts on its own.

Lost files after the system crashed.

A printer that won’t print.

The Unexpected Error Ox8ffe2740: The PC user will encounter this message because of a very important reason. Say that you have utilized the Beta Windows installer on your Vista machine, and then you suddenly divert to the XP machine, and decide to uninstall, then you will inevitably install the IIS Manager Reboot or the Internet Information Services. After which, you will run the Beta installer.

You could proceed to install the guide and even get to complete it. You simply proceed to the post install guide and then just follow the necessary steps. After your installation, you try configuring IIS. You then start-run and then start the manager. The guide will indicate that the default web site is there though the PC will flash a stop sign icon. And there you will see the glaring Ox8ffe2740 error.

The exact message is unexpected error Ox8ffe2740. You proceed by choosing properties and the next step on the home directory tab will also be done. Just add the php5isapi.dll file to the ISAPI filters TAB. This is where you will receive the said message asking you to go to properties under the Cacti folder which you will not be able to find in the default web site.

It is common for anyone who tries to use the IIS or Internet Information Services Manager in order to access a web site that it never starts. You will, instead, receive the above error and this is because of your port conflict on the system.

IIS makes use of port 80 for the HTTP communication. Where there is any other application other than the IIS, and it is using port 80 on the same IP address, then you would likely see this message.

One workaround with this is when you set the port to 81 for your default web site. After this, simply restart the system and if it does start this time, then some other application is using the port 80.

Utilize third party utilities like the TCPView and the FPort to look for the other application that is using this port.
The best solution to wiping out this message is to find software that will finally erase it from your system:

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