Jvm Error 102 Reset – Your Blackberry’s Worst Enemy

The Blackberry smart phone has encountered an arch enemy in the jvm error 102 reset. But before you even begin to research and completely comprehend about this smart phone error, it is vital to understand some features of the Blackberry and why it is a phone that’s worth saving.

Primarily, your Blackberry can greatly help in improving your customer service. This is also a device that can double if not triple your productivity. It can keep you organized and it can bring about an increase in your sales performance.

Blackberry is, after all, all about having features that are tailored to be used in business no matter what industry you’re from.

Staying Connected with Your Blackberry

Imagine being able to go out of your office and still have the power to communicate with your clients! You can still receive and send emails and you can freely browse the Internet while you’re on the go.

You can also work on important documents even when you’re not in front of your desk. You can do an instant chat with your staff or clients with the use of Messenger and various applications.

Staying Organized with the Blackberry

The key to running successful businesses is to stay organized. The Blackberry can store numerous data in just one device. You can access your calendar, tasks, memos, appointments and many other business necessities with this one device. There is no need to carry half of your desk’s contents with you since all you’d need is your Blackberry.

Now, the JVM Error 102

When you are starting your Blackberry, you might encounter the jvm error 102. But before you panic or freak out and you end up wiping out your entire Blackberry system, you might want to study this step-by-step process first.

The easy way out (especially for those without much technical knowledge) is to just completely wipe out the contents of your Blackberry phone. Now that would be a problem if you haven’t made a backup for your appointments, contacts, program data, and many other vital information.

So what is the jvm error 102 and how can it make your Blackberry seem useless? What this all comes down to is that the jvm error 102 is a .cod file on your Blackberry which seems to be corrupt so your phone would refuse to load it.

If you wipe out everything just for thing one file, then you are in serious trouble. Know that there is a way around this dilemma.

Simply follow these steps:

  • First, download the Jl Cmder
  • Then connect your Blackberry to any PC with the use of a USB cable that came with your purchase.
  • Run the JL Cmder and choose option 2 or the event log.
  • Scroll to the bottom part of the log and find the jvm error 102. The line prior to it should be able to tell you what file is causing this error. Make sure to save the file name as you will need it later on.
  • Go to the Start tab and then click on Run. Type cmd then press Enter.
  • You can change the directory to the JL Cmder installation folder for example: cd “C:\Program Files\JL_Cmder\” and then press Enter.
  • You can finally remove the offending file by typing this command: javaloader.exe –u erase –f FILENAME. This filename should be the name of the .cod file.
  • Simply disconnect your Blackberry phone from the PC and then restart it.

This may not be the permanent solution to the jvm error 102 but this should at least boot up your device so that you can create a backup data prior to reinstalling everything.

If you want a better solution, then all you have to do is to download a program that will eradicate this error once and for all:

You are offered peace of mind as this program will create the necessary backup for you while it restores everything. It also comes with a program scheduler so you don’t have to worry about setting the time when you would use the program to clean your system once again. That’s a clean and error-free Blackberry minus the guesswork involved in manual cleaning!

This is the complete repair that you’ve long been waiting for to eradicate the jvm error 102. Visit: Guide to Jvm Error 102 Reset.

Blackberry owners often worry about how long their device would last and this program is set to lengthen the service of your smart phone as it deeply cleans it. There is no point in worrying about the jvm error 102 or any other error for that matter because this software will safeguard your system. It’s time to put a stop to your powerlessness, download this program and be your Blackberry’s master once more!

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