My Laptop Freezes, What Should I Do?

Are you using a laptop and you find that your laptop freezes constantly? This is a surefire indication that your laptop is already experiencing a serious problem and you should already be alarmed.

This is a common occurrence for Windows based systems and there can be various reasons behind this problem. First, you must begin to recognize when your laptop freezes, what causes it, and what you can do to solve the issue.

If Your Computer Freezes Randomly

If your laptop freezes frequently and on random occasions, then it could be because of the following reasons:

  • The laptop is incompatible with the software that you are trying to run
  • The computer is affected by a virus
  • The system configuration isn’t good enough to run a program that you would want to utilize.
  • The page file is stored in the cache for the longest time.
  • Your computer no longer has sufficient memory.
  • There aren’t adequate sources for your computer
  • The hardware is already malfunctioning

The simple solution to this is to have a virus check for your laptop. You can also run a spyware check or go through your recently installed items. Checking up on the hard disk is also necessary just so you can ascertain that the drives are no longer crowded.

If Your Computer Freezes During Startup

Laptops, nowadays, make use of a host of software and hardware combinations and though this may come in useful, there are also some downsides to it. This can bring about system malfunction or your laptop totally freezes during startups.

The causes for this scenario are these:

The system is matched with the wrong hardware. This will keep the machine from booting effectively. Defective hardware is quite common so you have to have an idea about hardware in order to properly address this concern.

Software uses up RAM and then there’s the tendency for the memory to not be released. Fragmented memory can make the machine freeze up.

Some versions of the Windows operating systems already have intermittent bugs in them. These bugs cause the computer to freeze up.

There are a lot of parts for just a single laptop and with many different manufacturers making each, it is almost impossible to make all these parts work in harmony with one another. This can only be made possible, though, with the installation of proper drivers.

When your laptop freezes during cold booting, it’s vital to find the underlying causes. After which, you can visit a computer repair shop or a computer dealer and you can have them verify your diagnosis. You can also explore some web forums regarding the specific problem that you’re experiencing.

If Your Computer Freezes When It’s Idle

Another laptop problem is when it freezes during its idle moments. Here are the most probable reasons why this happens:

There may be a lot of programs running all at the same time.

It could also be when a corrupted or damaged device driver has been installed.

It may also be because a certain program runs during startup and it causes the laptop to freeze.

And the worst cause is when a virus is already plaguing your system.

The legendary CTRL-ALT-DEL should do the trick. Just close out the programs that are causing the problem by hitting the end task tab. If this doesn’t quite solve your concern, then you can proceed to completely uninstall the problematic program.

If this still doesn’t work, you may want to defragment your hard drive. You can also reboot the system and see if the problem is solved. An anti-virus program might also deep-clean your laptop so it’s also advisable to download one.

But if you want the surefire solution to a laptop that freezes, then this program should help you:

This will completely scan your laptop and you can finally free your device from the debilitating problems that plague it. Apart from solving the freezing problem, you can also look forward to having a reliable anti spyware and antivirus program on your laptop.

You are guaranteed that your registry will be cleaned without deleting vital files that are essential in running certain programs. As opposed to manually cleaning your registry, using this program is far easier and less risky!

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