Steps in Correcting the Windows Installer Error 1603

Errors are consequences of failures in installation, the lack of software updates and the presence of viruses; and this may also be the case when you see the Windows Installer Error 1603. When bugs are present in your computer system, errors may inevitably occur and you need to troubleshoot them right away or you end up with unusable programs and functions.
This pestering error called the Windows Installer Error 1603 generally appears when there was an unsuccessful installation caused by the cancellation in the middle of your installation process or system errors which come up during the installation.

Why Would the Windows Installer Error 1603 Occur?

The Windows Installer Error 1603 is seen when Windows is unable to locate the source file required for the process of installation. This can also occur when Windows is not able to execute the source file. All source files are bound to be placed in the Windows registry which is the system’s directory.
But there are instances when the file isn’t stored properly which leads to the installation failure. If the files are missing, then the Search tab in the computer’s Start menu can be accessed to locate the said files. For installation, what you need to do is to be logged in as the administrator in order to make the installation move forward.

Technically, the Windows Installer Error 1603 is a machine-specific issue. You can resort to one or more of the following methods:

Since this error is known to occur in computers that no longer have sufficient disk space for the installation, then what you need to do is to reboot your computer.
This can also happen when the Temp directory is no longer clean or when a certain file on your computer has been locked. In order to fix these, what you need to do is to close all the running applications on the background and then reboot your computer. After this, you can simply run the installation once again.
One other method that is generally used by experts in order to remove the 1603 error involves finding the file or folder being installed. Check if it is encrypted since an encrypted folder or file won’t allow the proper installation. When this remains unchecked, you could end up seeing the Windows Installer Error 1603 over and over again.
One other possibility for the occurrence of the Windows Installer Error 1603 is when the account doesn’t have full permissions on the file that is about to be installed. It is vital, therefore, that the installation should be done through the Administrator’s account only.
At this given point, it is important that the installation process be granted full control permission. You can do this by going to Properties and altering the Security tab and clicking on the Full Control option at the Permissions section.
If all of this fails to work, then you can try and install your Windows Installer software to a totally different drive. A lot of computers have substitute drives or virtual drives which were created for system disc partitioning.
This means that if you install a software program to any of these drives, the program will not be installed correctly. Go to a different drive, install the program there and you should be good to go.

The Risk Involved in Fixing the 1603 Error

There is, however, a downside to all these tips in fixing the Windows Installer Error 1603. There’s always the risk of deleting a file or two which are necessary in running the computer system. Once this happens, you could end up with an unusable PC, and so you end up repenting for fixing a single problem and ending up compromising the entire system!

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