Windows 7 Desktop Icons Missing – So Where’d They Go?

The Windows 7 is the leader in operating systems distributed by Microsoft yet it can have the most serious errors such as the Windows 7 desktop icons missing and such. This OS was released globally less than three years following the release of the slow and memory problematic Windows Vista.

The release of Windows 7 was heralded as an event to look forward to. But, of course, this didn’t mean that this computer operating system would not have any issues. Microsoft just promised that it will be a more stable system since the Windows XP operating system.

The Historical Launch

Windows 7 began to sell in October 2009 and it was studded with features especially made for Windows users. This new OS had none of the issues that Vista presented and so it was believed to be something to contend with.

As was mentioned, there aren’t any systems that don’t come with any errors or concerns. Here are the issues for Windows 7:

Aero-graphics don’t run: A few users commented that the aero-graphics’ transparency wasn’t enabled properly and this has caused visibility problems. This can be easily fixed by repairing and troubleshooting at the Start menu.

Internet concerns: There are various Internet problems when it comes to Windows 7 and majority of these are related to concerns with the Internet Explorer 8. There are page rendering and compatibility concerns with the new IE8 and this can be simply solved by using a totally different web browser. Windows 7 and 8 issues are bound to occur and the difference is what you’re going to do about them.

Taskbar Issues: Though the new taskbar is impressive at first glance, there are moments when it would be difficult to tell if icons are pinned shortcuts or running applications. This can be confusing but this can be solved by altering the taskbar settings.

Lastly, there is the Windows 7 Desktop Icons Missing concern: As you may already be aware, the Windows 7 operating system changes every now and then. This is considered an advantage of this OS. But it is bound to affect the custom icons on your desktop and they will be displayed at par with the theme.

There are various reasons why the desktop icons would go missing. It may just be because you need to alter the settings or you may already have some damage or corruption on your PC. You can fix this on your own without having to reinstall the OS or to pay the sky-high fees of a computer technician.

Here are some of the tips that you can follow to solve this concern:

The very first thing that you need to look at is if you haven’t actually disabled the icons on your desktop. Anyone can accidentally do this by changing the settings. You can check this by right-clicking on the desktop and then click on arrange icons. Make sure that the desktop icons option is checked.

Another probable cause of this problem is when you have moved the said icons and you didn’t even know it. You can search for the unused documents folder and if you can see it, then this could only mean that the shortcuts have been placed there.
If you’ve done both steps and you still can’t find your desktop icons, then you can be pretty certain that there is malware or corruption in your computer. You can quickly check this as this information is stored in the Windows registry.
Now the best solution is to not correct the problem manually for you will only risk losing important data or vital files. When this happens, you end up without your computer because you won’t be able to use it totally.

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