Windows Update Error 8024402c – How to Get Rid of This Error

The Windows Update Error 8024402c is an error that is commonly seen on Windows systems. This is caused by a PC that isn’t able to connect to the server of Microsoft Windows Updates. When you’re trying to download the updates that are needed to make your computer run, and you end up with this error instead of proceeding to the actual update process, then you’re in a tight spot here. Finding the right solution should be your next step.

Recognizing the Windows Update Error 8024402c

This error normally shows on a blue screen (also known as the blue screen of death) and is brought about by a computer that cannot read the settings for the Internet and the updates that are required in upgrading the system. The workaround for this is to ensure that the settings are running correctly and that you are able to connect to the Microsoft Windows Updates server.

Fixing This Type of Error

In order to fix the Windows Update Error 8024402c error, you should first alter the connection settings for your OS. This should be set to Automatically Detect Settings for your Internet connection. This basically allows your system to read settings that are meant for all kinds of Internet connections. Setting up your operating system in this manner will allow you to finally get the system updates for your computer.  This will boost the speed of your computer as well as allowing it to run more reliably. Change the settings at Proxy Exceptions List to make sure that there isn’t something there that can stop your system from connecting to an update server.

Find out any programs that might get in the way of accessing the updates from the Internet. See if your firewall is turned on or if you have any anti-spyware software; web accelerators; antivirus program or proxy servers. If these programs are running, then you might need to turn them off just so you can download the necessary updates from Microsoft Windows.
It is highly recommended to have these programs turned on immediately after the update is finished, though.

If you’re using a network at your office, then you can get in touch with a network administrator and find out how you can utilize the WSUS or Windows Server Update Services. You can find additional information about the WSUS from the Windows Server Update Services web site.

If your PC is often connected to a network at your office, then you probably receive your program updates through WSUS. You can’t receive updates by connecting to the Internet or to any other network. In order to solve this problem, you can connect to the office network and try checking for updates while you’re there and not any other location.

On the other hand, if your PC has always been connected to the Internet or a home network and not with a network at your place of work, then it is vital to set Internet Explorer to detect LAN settings.
In order to do this, you can begin by opening the Internet Explorer and then on the Tools menu. Click Internet Options, Connections, and then the LAN settings. Under the Automatic Configuration, choose the Automatically Detect setting by clicking on it and then proceeding to click on OK.

Find forums that give answers to the Windows Update Error 8024402c. Discuss how other users might have solved this concern. Oftentimes, the best help can be found online and there might be experts there that would like to willingly share their knowledge. But beware of such forums, though. You might end up doing something that can cause more harm rather than good to your PC.

Lastly, the most effective way to eradicate this error is to download this system that can deeply scan and clean your computer of such errors.

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